dont judge.

everyone have untold stories left behind,
so do not judge someone as you know their entire life.
and don't underestimate people as who they are.


ever notice how good you feel when you give complimentt. 
even if people are awrkwrd in receiving, they appreciate.
when we make it a habit to give, happiness will accur.

don't trap in the situation of
                           'i will be happy when...........'


                                            'if i ever know.......................'

happiness is not about the past or future and can't even be postpne.

key to happiness is not that
you never get upset, frustrated or irritated,
it is how quickly you decide to snap out of it. :)

move on is not easy.

had you ever got crush?
had you ever fall so hard?
had you trusted for too much?
had you love too much?
had you ever care too much?
or maybe just hope too high??
and yet disappointed is what u get in return.
and you realize smile is the hardest thing to do,
and laugh is an impossible thing u can make,
and just wish time can move backwards.

then when it comes to recovering,
it is just not as easy as those quotes you've read,
its not as easy as how the drama works,
it is not as easy as how you've heard people been doing.
and you realize how much the world did the biggest lie.