love change a lot of things,
things that seen unchangeable
it even change my small habit..

so when love gone,, heart breaks,, nightmare appear......
where when you're not able to sleep or eat are just a common things,,
falling asleep and waking up are just the same too,, its like living in hell,,
because you can't figure out how
you and the person you love are to become strangers,,
and what worse is you cant even complain to anybody
because they may talking back or think bad about him,,
so all you can do is cry alone,,
its ended, you've broken up,,
only the memories of love playing around in ur mind,,
but the more you cry, it takes longer time to erase those memories,,
so to a person who's been left,,
365 days are spent in the process of getting heal from nightmare,,
but thing that hurt the most is
that the other person doesn't even seem to be thinking of you,,
there's no such thing like this ever bother him,,
it feels like it just you that can't let go,,
that person seem to have forgotten all about you and just be happy,,
and all you want to do is give up life,,
but you can't either,,
because there's so much thing in life that wont let you go,,
and the most reason you cant let go of life is that ure scared
if you might never see that person again...


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