Don't say sorry. Ure still number one.

Dato Lee Chong Wei won silver medal and still sorry for us? what Malaysians say??
He did no wrong.he struggled & done a great job.yet he said sorry for no mistake.he's Malaysians' hero

"With an Olympic silver medal, in one night, he made us all unite."

"You're such an inspiration. Because of you, Malaysians become closer than ever. Who needs gold?"

"I'm sorry/ Don't be. U already made us all proud. Tonight once again all of us unite as M'sian watching u."

"Dato' Lee Chong Wei you don't owe us anything. we are so lucky to have you. congratz on the double silver. proud of you."

 and this!! 

and even this!!

"Skill win you medals (LinDan) but attitude win hearts (Datuk Lee Chong Wei) " ESPN commentator.

We all Malaysians are proud of you. 

Thank you for this unforgettable moment.

p/s: semua kt atas ni copy paste. kata kata daripada rakyat malaysia untuk Dato Lee Chong Wei :')


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