Dear Crush

May i have u for a while..?
I need smeone to cheer me up..
Then u dont have to worry..
Just stay still in front of me..
Then let me smile on my own..
It is enough to be like that..
I know i look like a freak..
Just stay away if u dont like it..
But please dont avoid urself from my sight..
I still need u to make me smile..
I know im nothing to own u..
At least im smething to have that feeling..
Im sorry if i annoy u..
I promise not to appear in front of u again then..
Will just be behind of u..
Then watch ur move,
see ur smile..
So dat i can laugh
all on my own..
Im not obsess with u..
It jst dat I LOVE THE WAY U ARE..


Maria Menado~ said...

tiada apa yang sempurna sebenarnya, setiap kekurang itu sebenarnya menyempurnakan hidup kita. =)

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