dear izzad's acu

dear izzad's acu
i know its hard to loses a family member
especially when u have seen them grow up
im sorry for your loss
my sincerest condolences to you and family.

dear izzad's acu
i know words is not enough to calm u and family down
but here i got some tips to be positive...
you gotta stay positive to help your family

dear izzad's acu,
first, u gotta stop to think about the loss too much for a while
go and get along with people around you, it might help you to stay positive
just dont be alone for too long..
and you shouldnt keep looking at you phone. 
i know your phone has  a lot of memory in there
just stop to look at it for a while

dear izzad's acu
dont forget to smile no matter how hard it is
you have to stay strong for your family 

dear izzad's acu
i know it easier for me to say and tell everything
and it is hard for you to make it
no matter how hard it is
im behind you
i know i dont have shoulder for you to lean on right now
or a big hug to comfort you at this time
but i have a bunch of jokes to make you laugh if you need it
or i might have sort of stupid dream i dreamt last night to share
i mean just a story to help you simle

dear izzad's acu
i know this might sounds bad
but maybe u can listen to music sometime
just to try to get into good mood
oh, but for sure not those music from your phone's playlist
because those jiwang song wont help at all

dear izzad's acu
u missed her. i know u do
i can tell even when she's still around
i couldnt help much in this
even eraser can only helps to erase mistakes but not feelings
it is okay to miss her but u shouldnt show it too much 

dear izzad's acu
i know your family had a tough time
dont forget to eat and you should drink a lot of water
no matter how much u dont feesl like eating, just grab something to bite
im sure u know how to take care of yourself
just stay healthy, your family needs your support right now
uguys need each other so much at this time
remember to play your role

dear izzad's acu
i have finished my words
now its time for you to act
this last note is for you and your sister hanim
spend more time to be with each other instead of 
spending too much time with each other's phones.

iris, the baby
she was a smart and strong baby.
she was wonderful
i didnt know much about her
but enough for me to fall for her
by the story u told, and pictures u shared.
Allah loves her more
we all should take this in a positive way.

dear izzad's acu
this will be the end of my note
take care. :)

and dear readers..
 i know uguys are wondering who am i talking about
in this picture, the one with the bottle is izzad
and next to him is his sister, iris.
and their acu is one of my closest friend.


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